LiDAR Sensors

Riegl VQ1560i

VQ-1560i boasts an improvement in RIEGL’s Multiple-Time-Around technology (MTA), which enables the system to handle multiple pulses in the air simultaneously without ranging ambiguities. The VQ-1560i can process 20 pulses in the air simultaneously allowing for acquisition of more dense data, which translates into more detailed representation of the surface being analyzed.

VQ-1560i is rated to capture point densities from 2 points per square meter up to 60 points per square meter when at an altitude of 15,500 feet. This capacity for collection at multiple densities means its system is well suited for aerial survey of ultra-wide areas and complex urban environments.

The VQ-1560i system comes with a fully integrated Applanix IMU and GNSS receiver.

Optech CZMIL Nova

Optech CZMIL (Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging LiDAR) Nova is the most capable and efficient airborne bathymetric mapping system available today. With a powerful and more efficient laser, it easily maps coastal areas and has reached depths of 70 – 75 meters in clear waters. The automated processing tools produce simultaneous high-resolution 3D data and imagery of the beach and shallow water seafloor, including coastal topography, bathymetry, benthic classification, water column characterization and has been proven to outperform other bathymetric sensors in shallow, turbid waters.

Optech HydroFusion, a powerful end-to-end software suite, handles data from multiple sensors—from mission planning to post- processing, delivering fused LiDAR and imagery datasets, bottom classifications, and even submerged object detection.


Phase 1 iXU 1000 AERIAL CAMERA

At 100 megapixels, the iXU camera delivers 11,608 pixels cross-track coverage. This high-resolution camera compliments the LiDAR system when providing a complete package of aerial data to customers.

Other Equipment

In addition to the equipment listed above, we have access to other sensors ready to be installed on our aircraft.  Please call us today to discuss your requirements.